A commitment to innovation and sustainability


Solar panels on roof
Solar panels on roof
Solar Panels in the ground
Solar Panels in the ground

Creating electricity for buildings and cars

Renovation of energy

Thanks to EU subsidies it is a total free innovation. You save more than you pay on traditional electricity consumption and charge your electric vehicles for free

Inverter connected to electricity supply

Inverter connected to electricity supply

App Access

24/7 Energy Management online showing feed to grid (or batteries) and consumed electricity on mobile app and your computerMonitor showing yeld


We have solar panels installed for inspection and demonstration showing consumption and generation of electricity in Ayamonte. Mail: service@costaluzhome.com for appointment.

Project Management

We speak English Danish Spanish and take care of all processes from inspection, installation, activation and local authority documentation including subsidy EU grant applications

Architectural Solutions

For a 6KW installation as seen, 12 solar panels needs 30 square meters roof or garden space.

Please mail: service@costaluzhome.com for details and appointment

Costa luz Home Solar

  • Visit us to see live the panels in action
  • Shown example is 6KW installation, we are in zone 5
  • Below you see a typical day showing 40 kwh generated 8 kwh used, 32 kwh saved with endesa for later use like charging the car.
Solar Energy in Spain
Monitor showing yeld
Monitor showing yeld

The above 6KW inverter with 12 solar panels installation including visit to your home, planning, software, permissions and grants applications cost Euro 8990 inclusive IVA. EU refund 40% and house yearly tax reduced by 50%. This makes the investment payed of in 2 years. The Banks support in granting financing costing the equivalent of costs saved in your electricity bill. In short the installation is free and after a few years you have profit in free electricity for your home and car.